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nut and bolt supply

Nut and bolt supply,One-stop

Nut and bolt supply from China, we are the leading fastener distributors. we not only bolt supply, but also cooperate with screw manufacturers and nut , threaded rod, washer factory. And also customized fasteners.  As well as provide complete nut and bolt service. We provide our customers all sorts of nut and bolt including threaded, crimp, cut-to-the-board as well as the widest variety of bolt types and sizes. We also have an all round nut and bolt service, we do everything from nut and screw fitting, nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts as well as bolt and bolt set up. With an excellent customer support department from china , we are able to deliver the best service from china to every of our customers.

Nut and bolt supply

Stainless steel bolts and nuts ,  for offshore projects.

Material Grade

  1. Stainless steel :SS304 SS316, SS310S, SS316L
  2. Duplex steel: S31803, S32205,and super duplex S32750,
  3. Nickel alloy: Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 800h, Incoloy 825 and Monel 400

Available Size

  1. Hex Nuts: M6-M30
  2. Hex head bolts: M6-M20 (Length please check with us)


As years experience chinese bolts suppliers , we focuse on bolt supply with qualified cargos. All cargos are made with very simple requirements of a high quality material and the highest quality workmanship. When you are looking for the high quality bolt made by one of our supplier, you will get the best product in quantity and quality. Our high standard products are in the market for several different types of bolts. The bolts that we use are certified to be quality- and quality-rated on the part of manufacturer. They are used for the highest quality products in quantity. We do not use inferior quality bolts for any purposes.

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