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DIN 6923

DIN 6923 hexagon nuts with flange ( hexagon nuts with serration) The definition of flange nut, we generally call the nut with hexagonal flange face as flange nut. Flange nuts are also widely used. Generally, many screws and bolts need to be matched with flange nuts. Moreover, if flange nut is used, the fastening is very good. There is a flange face that fits the screws and bolts very well. The tightening performance is much better than the hexagon nut.

DIN 6923 Product Details

DIN 6923 Function of flange nut:
It mainly plays the role of increasing the contact surface with the workpiece, mostly used in pipes, fasteners and some stamping and casting parts.
Flange nuts are available in iron or stainless steel. But iron is more commonly used. But also according to the customer needs the color to carry on the electroplating processing. There are environmental protection and non environmental protection in general electroplating treatment. Electroplating has environmental protection color zinc, environmental protection nickel, environmental protection blue zinc, environmental protection black zinc and so on, also has the ordinary electroplating, white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, white nickel and so on.
Flange nuts can be used in the following aspects:
1. Piping: cut stainless steel pipe vertically according to the required length with pipe cutter or grinding wheel cutting machine (the cutting blade shall be specially used), and the burr at the end shall be trimmed and rounded.
2. Welding: the left and right conical flange flange (with groove, specially for the insertion of flange gasket on both sides) and the two pipe ends to be connected are respectively welded by TIG welding.
3. Gasket: the left and right flange plates are lined with double flange gasket.
4. Fastening: clamp two flange pieces with clamp, and then clamp flange or fastening handle with fastening screw (hexagon bolt), one end of external thread is connected with internal thread of handle, and one end is connected with fixed rivet.
Flange nut has other kinds of incomparable excellent characteristics, so it is widely used. In general, flange nuts will be used together with screws and bolts. Not only because the use of flange nuts will make the tightening performance become excellent, but also with the flange face can better match the screws and bolts. Because of its better tightness than hexagon nut, so it is more widely used.

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