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DIN 7981

Din 7981 cross pan head self tapping screw generally does not need the self tapping screw used with nut. The head is semicircular, the thread is self tapping and the tail is tapered. When din7981 self tapping screw is screwed into the workpiece hole to be tightened, the internal thread is formed in the hole by extrusion and a reliable locking thread connection is formed.

DIN 7981 Product Details

DIN 7981 The cross pan head self tapping screw is composed of head, rod and rod end. Each self tapping screw has four elements: head shape, pulling and screwing mode, thread type and end type.

The thread surface of cross pan head self tapping screw has high hardness (≥ 45hrc), and it can tap the internal thread in the threaded bottom hole of the connected part to form a connection.

Before tightening the cross pan head self tapping screw, the correct operation tools should be selected. The tools for assembling the self tapping screw are wind drill, electric driver and cross screw driver.

The cross pan head self tapping screw is suitable for fastening when the head of the screw is allowed to be exposed and there is no special requirement. It is usually used for wood, plastic and other non-metal or soft metal such as aluminum alloy, sheet metal parts, etc., without backing hole and tapping. Din7981 self tapping screw can “drill, squeeze, press and tap” the fixed body with its own thread on the fixed material to make it closely cooperate with each other

Cross groove pan head tapping screw is widely used in power equipment, electronic machinery, mechanical equipment, household appliances, digital products, water conservancy engineering, decoration construction and so on.

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