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high-strength nuts

High Class Steel Nuts

What are High-class steel nuts?

High-class steel nuts are mainly reflected in their technical requirements, and thickened nuts are generally used.

A high-strength nut is made of high-strength steel, or a nut that requires a relatively large force to be locked can be called a high-strength nut. Many high-strength nuts are used in the connection of bridges and rails or some high-pressure and ultra-high pressure equipment.

High-class steel nuts

Is the high class steel nuts safe for equipment?

The fracture mode of High-class steel nuts is a generally brittle fracture. Generally, in order to ensure the sealing of the container, we require large pre-stress when installing the high-pressure equipment.

Using high-strength steel nuts Nowadays, many power generation equipment and vehicles such as airplanes, cars, trains, and ships are undergoing rapid and rapid development.

 Therefore, locking components such as our nuts also need to follow the trend and develop rapidly in order to keep up with the pace of development.

High-strength bolts are mainly used for the connection of some important mechanical equipment, especially the repeated disassembly and assembly and various assembly methods have extremely high requirements for nuts.

high-strength steel nuts

The surface finish of High strength steel nuts

The surface condition and accuracy of the thread will affect the use of the equipment and the safety factor. Generally, in order to adjust the coefficient of friction, and to prevent rust and jamming during use, we generally require that the surface should be plated with a layer of nickel and phosphorus. 

The thickness of the coating is generally controlled in the range of 0.02~0.03mm, and the coating should be uniform, compact, and free of pinholes, etc.

The high-strength nut nickel-phosphorus plating process is composed of three parts.

  • First is the pre-plating treatment, which mainly includes the precision and appearance inspection of the high-strength nut before plating to see whether there are cracks or defects, etc., and the oil stains can be manually removed, or It can be removed by immersion, pickling, followed by electricity to activate the nut and rapid nickel plating;
  • Then the electroless nickel plating process, and a series of chemical methods to plate nickel on the nut;
  • Last, is the Post-treatment process, post-treatment generally includes processes such as removing the heat caused by hydrogen, polishing treatment, and finished product inspection.
High-grade steel nuts

Should focus some main point of the high-strength nut

High-strength nuts need to pay attention to some problems. First, the quality needs to pay attention to the surface cleaning needs to be thorough, then the friction coefficient must meet the technical requirements, and the installation needs to be carried out in an anhydrous state and pay attention to timely maintenance and correction.

The use of high-strength nut standard high-strength nuts has gradually been widely used, and generally consists of two strength levels, Grade 8 nuts, and Grade 10 Nuts, of which class 10 is the majority.

The high-strength mother transmits external force through friction and applied force. High-strength nuts are more practical than ordinary nuts. With the advancement of technology and life, the application of high-strength nuts has gradually become more widely used. Now its application and status in the industry are irreplaceable.

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