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How to loosen the rusted screw and nut?

How to loosen the rusted screw and nut? Screws and nuts exposed to the air, a long time will rust, so for safety and aesthetic considerations, we need to remove these rusty fasteners and replace them with new ones. So this is a problem we need to help users solve as a supplier of fasteners.

Screw nut is also a common fastener in our daily life, but rust is also a common problem of screw nut. It is the most desirable way to easily screw off rusty screw nuts. According to the knowledge of screw and nut, here, share with you about the screw nut rust, no matter how serious the rust, teach you to loosen the screw down.

Tap the fastener to help loosen the rusted screws and nuts

If the rust is not serious and the screw nut is larger, we can loosen the screw nut by tapping. The rusted screw seems to be very strong, but only some rust is used to fix it. Sometimes it will work if the method is knocked. One hand holds the wrench to hold the screw, the other holds a hammer to hit the end of the wrench. It can be knocked with small force first. If it can not be screwed, then the strength should be increased appropriately. Be careful. If there is no experience, it will be slower, Don’t knock on your hand.
So many hits, with a wrench to screw, if loose, can be screwed down, not only to maintain the screw integrity, but also fast.

How to loosen the rusted screw and nut

Removing rust from carbonated drinks to help loosen the rusted bolts and nuts

Spraying with carbonated beverage, carbonated beverage contains carbonation, which can react with iron oxide in rust. Rust gradually disappears or softens during the reaction process, and the natural screw nut will not be rusted. This method may be slow, and a spray can be prepared constantly. Then, it can be gently pulled back and forth with a wrench to try to loosen.

After a few minutes, it is OK. If the rust is serious, it will take a long time. After unscrewing, remember to use clean water to wash the soda drink or replace the new screw. Otherwise, it will be easy to continue to rust.

Alcohol + white vinegar + detergent to help loosen the rusted screw and nut

Add proper amount of water into the bottle, then pour two bottles of alcohol, two bottles of white vinegar, and clean the two caps, shake evenly. Pour some on the bolts, stand for a few minutes, and then use a wrench to screw gently, rusty screws can immediately loose, easy to remove the screws.
This method is similar to carbonated drink, in fact, it is a reaction with iron oxide. The three can be mixed and then put into the spray pot for direct spraying. The speed is similar to that of carbonated drink. The same method is also used.

The common rusty screw nut like home is the most suitable method. We drive the screw down without any effort.
These loose methods for rusty screw nuts must be remembered. We often encounter this problem in our daily life. We may try these methods to see if we can loosen the screw nuts lightly?

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