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screw nut

What’s the screw nut?

Screw nut is a part of fasteners, it works together with screw bolts, thread rods, and the bolts or rods should be the same size and same threaded screw as the screw nuts.

Threaded screw nut with different standards for different industry works. the main standards are DIN, ISO, JIS, ASTM/ANSI.

Screw nut works for different fastener projects, the surface finished of screw nuts should be Plain, Black, Zinc plated, Hot Deep Galvanizing

The types of screw nuts

Hex screw nut

A six-sided nut also referred to as a finished hex nut, hexagonal nuts DIN 934 and hex bolts DIN 933 or DIN 931 hexagon bolts together work for car industrial, construction projects.

Heavy hex screw nut

The heavier pattern version of a standard hex nut, heavy hex nuts ASTM B18.2.2, Hexagon heavy nuts ASTM A563, Heavy nut ASTM A194 Gr-8M, connected with Hexagon heavy bolts, used for all kinds of machinery manufacturer industrial.

Nylon insert lock nut

The nut with a nylon insert to prevent backing off. also referred to as a nylon lock nut. DIN 985 Nylon insert lock nut works in the long-term vibration of the project, mainly play the role of anti loose, one-time installation, cannot be reused.

nylon insert nut

Jam screw nut

Hex nut with a reduced height, DIN 439 thin nuts , DIN 4035 hex thin nut or B18.2.2 flat jam nuts is often used in the installation of disassembly occasions. The hexagon thick nut itself is thin, which is often used in installation occasions where the surface space of the connected parts is limited. 

In addition, hexagon thin nut also has the function of locking, which is often used in the locking device as the auxiliary nut, which can play the role of locking.

Therefore, there are generally two purposes functions of hexagon thin nut, one is suitable for the occasions with limited installation environment, and the other is used as the auxiliary nut in the double nut to prevent loosening

Wing nut

Steel nut with “wings” for hand tightening, wing nut plays a great role in various industries. Compared with many nuts, wing nut is smaller and more beautiful in appearance. Because of its unique shape, the type with a protruding head is very similar to a beautiful butterfly. In fact, things are also named by their shapes.

The appearance of wing nuts eclipses ordinary nuts, because they are easy to install, have beautiful integrity, have no washers, and are easy to disassemble. They are loved by the majority of customers. This kind of nut does not have to be used by men, but by ordinary women.

Many medical devices use Wing nuts because they are corrosion-resistant, more beautiful than ordinary hardware, and stainless steel, so you can use them safely.

Cap nut

The nut with a domed top over the end of the fastener, DIN 1587 Cap nut, as the name suggests, is a hexagon nut with a cover. The cover’s function is to fasten the exposed part on the outside to prevent moisture or other corrosive substances from entering the inside, to play the role of rust prevention, and improve the service life of itself and the connector.

Flange screw nut

Hexagon nut with a built-in washer-like flange.

DIN 6923 flange nut is usually used with the aluminum profile connection angle, and the T-bolt can be used to realize the rapid assembly of the frame structure; Flange nut has certain anti-rotation performance, which can effectively avoid loose connection point in later use

screw nut

T type nut

T type nuts with serrated, work together with Halfen serrated bolts fixed the channels.

The biggest characteristic of T-shaped nut is that it adopts the principle of the inclined plane, integrates the deformation of the inclined plane to form a thread, and then turns it into parallel movement, the screw rotates once, and the nut moves to a pitch. The T-type nut can save time and labor.

When it is used in a high-strength connection, the slider needs to be pre plugged into the profile channel pit to connect various accessories on the profile.

Square nut

A four-sided nut, DIN 928 square nut can lock the outer joint of the thread or other pipe fittings to play a fixed role. It is widely used in various metal plates and pipe manufacturing industries and is widely used in automobile, aviation, railway, and refrigeration equipment.

Prevailing torque lock nut

Non-reversible lock nut used for high-temperature applications.

980-v prevailing torque lock nut, common forms are as follows: Section three-point type, oval type, side extrusion type. Widely used in aviation, mining machinery, automobile transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, electrical products, etc

prevailing torque lock nut

The 980-m prevailing torque lock nut is embedded with a metal sheet after heat treatment, the inner diameter of the metal sheet is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the bolt thread. After the nut is tightened, the metal sheet will block the bolt thread, which can effectively play the role of anti loose and anti-seismic.

Coupling screw nut

Coupling nuts are long nuts used to connect pieces of threaded rods or other mal fasteners.

screw nut

Din 6334 Connecting nuts, also known as long nuts, are used to connect two screws or pipes, including screws or pipes of different sizes. The coupling nut is usually hexagonal and is used for wrench fixation. The most common uses include tightening the rod assembly or pushing the rod assembly outward.

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