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Self drilling screws

Self drilling screws that we supply for wood and metal sheet. we have strong relations with screw manufacturers, who are more than 10 years in socket screws, micro screws, galvanized screws. Most of our screw fasteners are used for all kinds of wood and metalwork, in production, repair, and servicing. We have several different types of screws.

We also offer a wide range of screw fasteners. Our Screw Fasteners are specially made for all wood screw fastening projects. We are experienced in the application of all kinds of wood screws. We always search new and better to increase the lifespan of screw fastening. Our quality screw fasteners are highly rated and are tested and used with long term reliability. We use local suppliers and we are constantly developing our products.

Self-drilling screws can be referred to as simply a tapping screw, often called a sheet metal screw. self-tapping screw without added feature of a drill point. Self-tapping screws are used to drill holes in sheet metal, ceramic, polycarbonate resin, and other types of high-performance plastics. They are good for precision engineering and for large diameter machines or machines that need fast movement.

Self-tapping screws have the potential to be used both in applications to fasten larger than 5 mm, as well as for fastening in smaller machines. We make mdf screws and tek screws, with an excellent reputation. These screw fasteners have a low number of flaws compared to high-quality wood screws.