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specialty fasteners

specialty fasteners for the special fields, the standard fastener cannot work, need to customized the fasteners to fix the project well, special drive, special head, and thread.
Ding fastener is your reliable source for custom fasteners, only for custom bolt and screws, but also for fastener pins and hex nuts with drilling holes.

specialty fasteners Product Details

specialty fasteners Materials can be numerous and include many metals or alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, silicon bronze, brass, copper, nickel, aluminum, and zinc-plated steel. A wide range of fasteners is designed for the fastener arms, as well as the drive arms. Fasteners are commonly manufactured on the same die as the arm or arm drive, and must then be assembled and fastened by another die. The fastener arm must be fastened with the other arm to provide a complete assembly.

The threads on these can be formed either by cutting the threads on a lathe, cutting threads using a screw machine. In this case, a machine with a very large hole will use up lots of a person’s time, with only the ability to produce very fine thread. Once that’s done they then have to make a machine at another place with a tiny hole so that they can move it out of the way and cut the thread.

Roll forming is the process of squeezing the shaft, rolling it through a die with pressure from the threads, this is the most consistent and accurate process of manufacturing threads. This is the process of molding the threads into the required design by using molding presses. These works are quite expensive, however to the consumer the cost could be much less. In an average thread for the $100 USD item, about 20% of the manufacturing cost is in molding, only 40% is sold to the consumer.

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