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What is the pitch of the bolt

What is the pitch of the bolt

What is the pitch of the bolt? When looking for the right bolt for the application, a variety of measurement methods should be considered. 

The most obvious measurement is the length and diameter of the bolts, but other aspects of the fastener should also be measured to ensure the most accurate fit. Here, let’s take a look at what the pitch is and why it is so important when measuring bolts.

the pitch of the bolt

The thread is a key component that allows you to connect the bolt to the fastener you need. The pitch is the distance between these threads. The pitch is generally divided into standard pitch, fine pitch and super fine pitch. The finer the pitch, the tighter the thread. 

These categories represent specific measurements based on the thread size. For example, for standard size M20 bolts, the pitch of coarse threads is always 2.5 mm, the pitch of fine threads is 2.0 mm, and the pitch of ultra-fine threads is 1, 5 mm.

Do you know the Pitch of the bolt?

Pitch measurement is very important because if the pitch does not match the nut to be used, the screw bolt cannot be properly fixed. You will not use a different diameter or length measurement than your application requires, so the same value should be applied to the shadow. 

If the wrong pitch is used, the bolts may not be securely fixed, which may cause problems in any application, especially fixing bolts.


How to ensure the correct pitch?

If you are looking for a screw bolt with a standard pitch, you do not need to specify it when making an inquiry, because it is usually assumed that you are looking for a standard pitch, unless you specify otherwise. 

Or you are looking for a thread pitch other than the standard measurement, such as fine or ultra-fine threads, you should make sure to state it in the inquiry.

We like to check the details carefully, so if you provide the required size of the bolt, we can tell you what type of steps you need. For example, if you want an M30 x 3.5 x 100mm bolt, we know that you need an extra fine pitch.

the pitch of the screw

Most bolts recalled from stock have standard pitches. This means they are easier to obtain, so they can be purchased quickly on demand. Other pitch requirements are usually not in stock because they are usually made to order, so we recommend that you order them in advance to ensure they are available when needed.

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