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DIN 7985

DIN 7985 cross pan head screw is a kind of mechanical screw. Its head is a semicircular fastener with cross groove and external thread, also known as cross groove pan head screw.
The cross pan head screw is mainly used for the fastening connection between a part with an internal thread hole and a part with a through-hole without nut matching. This connection form is called screw connection and also belongs to detachable connection.

DIN 7985 Product Details

DIN 7985 The groove type of the head of cross pan head screw can be divided into H type and Z type
The performance grade of carbon steel cross pan head screw is grade 4.8 and grade 8.8. The performance grade of carbon steel is divided by tensile strength.
Generally, carbon content in carbon steel is used to distinguish low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel. Low carbon steel C ≤ 0.25%, generally used for screws and other products without hardness requirements. Medium carbon steel 0.25% ≤ C ≤ 0.45%, mainly used for grade 8.8 screws and bolts.
The surface treatment of carbon steel cross pan head screw needs to be carried out. Electroplating is commonly used, including zinc plating, copper, nickel, chromium, copper nickel alloy, etc. The surface of din7985 cross pan head screw is galvanized.
The carbon steel cross pan head screws of screw Street are grade 4.8, which are also common screws. There are two types of plating blue white zinc and color zinc.
The cross pan head screw is generally used in the situation where greater stress is required. The larger pan head is more conducive to the fixation of the product to be fastened. At the same time, because the head is larger, it is more convenient to assemble. It is often used in the superposition and fixation of sheet metal parts. The plate head is large and the contact area between the fixed object and the plate head is large, which increases the axial tightness and is convenient for CNC punching of sheet metal parts.
The cross pan head screw is widely used in the fastening of mechanical case, case or cover or parts of household appliances.

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