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Screw rod

Screw rod is commonly known as lead screw or metric threaded rod . A lead screw is similar to a metric threaded rod but has a larger rod section. Typically, one screw in the rod section is used for connecting to the other screw.

The rod section has a center section of threaded thread and a center section made of thread column. This allows the two screw sections to meet at their respective ends as the rod/thread sections are connected. The central section is called as the head of the head screw (in rod area). Another type of metric threaded rod is called an axed-stick.

Metric threaded rod is usually used in construction, equipment installation, decoration, and other connectors, such as large supermarket ceiling, building wall fixation, etc. The most common use is in manufacturing. Threaded rods A threaded rod is a rod used to fasten two opposing lengths of straight or slanted steel wire (or other metal structure) together.

Threaded rods are most often used in the construction industry. When placed on the surface of a hard steel plate or slab the rod, attached to either side of a fastener, will bend in the direction which the slanted steel wire will bend as a result of the force of the weight placed on it (or vice versa).