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DIN 975

DIN 975 thead rod is commonly known as lead screw, or thread screw rod. It has no head and is a fastener composed of thread column with full thread.
Different from the double head stud, the tooth bar is not limited to the thread length limit, so it is convenient to use. Din975 is similar to din976, except that din976 is shorter.

DIN 975 Product Details

DIN 975 thread rod refers to German standard din975-1986, which specifies the full thread screw rod with thread diameter of m2-m52.
Din975 can be divided into carbon steel
The performance grade of carbon steel tooth is : class 4.8, class 5.8, class 8.8, class 10.9
Carbon steel materials generally need surface treatment. There are many kinds of surface treatment, such as electroplating, oxidation, phosphating, non electrolytic zinc coating, etc. The surface treatment of din975 carbon steel is usually galvanized passivation or no treatment.
Galvanizing passivation is to form an inert passivation layer on the surface of zinc coating, which can avoid the natural oxidation of zinc in the air, improve the overall protection performance and improve the appearance quality of the coating. Zinc coating itself is white yellow, brightness is not high, must be passivated to appear white or color.
Din975 is usually used in construction, equipment installation, decoration and other connectors, such as: large supermarket ceiling, building wall fixation, etc.

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