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Large hex flange nuts

Large hex flange nuts refer to ASME B18.2.2 and IFI 145 for specifications relating to Serrated flange nuts.

Large hexagon flange nut details

Large hex flange nuts are hexagon flange nuts with serrated bearing surfaces. The nut rotates freely until the spline contacts and removes the material from the mating surface when the nut is tightened.

The torque required for installation is less than the torque required for disassembly because the clamping action of the spline produces a ratchet-like locking function, Can resist vibration.

If the mating surface is painted or electroplated, if the cleaning effect of the nut removes the surface treatment, corrosion will occur. The protruding round flange increases the bearing surface of the nut, enabling it to be used for large and irregular holes.

IFI 145 big flange hex nut

Big flange hexagon nuts for commercial and industrial applications are also called: serrated lock nuts, serrated nuts, twist-lock nuts, twist lock nuts. Since the spline must contact the mating surface to be locked, large flange hexagon nuts cannot be used with flat washers or lock washers.

The thread is a standard right-hand thread and a series of a unified inch thick (UNC, unified national coarse) or unified inch fine (UNF, unified national fine).

Large hex flange nuts Dimensions

Flange Nuts
Large hex flange nuts Dimensions

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