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din 934 nuts

Din 934 hex nut

Din 934 hex nut

Din 934 hex nut has three pairs of internally threaded fasteners on opposite sides, which are used with bolts and screws to connect and tighten.

Classification of hex nuts:General purpose hex nuts, hex thick nuts, hex thin nuts, fine pitch hex nuts, hex flange nuts, nylon lock hex nuts, all metal lock hex nuts.

Hexagon nuts din 934

Among which type 1 hex nuts are the most widely used. Grade C nuts are used for machines, equipment or structures with rough appearance and low precision requirements; Grade A and B nuts are used for bright appearance and accuracy requirements. Higher machinery, equipment or structure.

din 934 nut
din 934 nuts

Hexagon thick nuts din 6334

heavy trucks are used to match the performance grades of 8.8 and 10.9 U-shaped bolts for the suspension of automobile chassis, and the amount of hexagonal thick nuts is relatively large.
The petrochemical fastener industry and the chemical industry basically use hexagonal thick nuts, and the pipeline accessory fasteners also basically use hexagonal thick nuts.

din 6334 nuts
din 6334 nut

Hexagon thin nuts din 936

Hexagon thin nuts are mostly used in occasions where the outer space of the connected parts is restricted.

Fine-tooth hexagon nuts and fine-tooth nuts are generally used in two situations. One is used in places that require self-locking, such as bolts and screws on automobile transmissions. Fine-toothed nuts are often used to prevent loosening due to vibration. The second is to use in thin-walled places, because the “tooth height” of fine-pitch nuts is shorter than that of ordinary threads. Due to the limitation of radial size, fine-pitch nuts are used in thin-wall (sleeve) occasions. There is also a small lead of the fine thread nut, which is suitable for fine adjustment.

Hexagon flange nuts din 6923

Flange nuts have a larger ratio of support area to stress area, so they can withstand higher pre-tightening force. Therefore, it is generally used in product fields such as automobile engines and heavy machinery. Because the cap is set on the nut body, it has better sealing performance when using the hexagonal flange nut, which can effectively prevent rain, moisture, dust and other harmful substances from entering the nut body, preventing the nut body from rusting. Thereby, the service life of the hexagonal flange nut can be greatly extended.
Mainly play the role of increasing the contact surface with the workpiece, mostly used in pipes, fasteners and some stamping parts and casting parts.

Nylon locking hexagon nut din 985

Nylon locking hexagon nut, inlaid with nylon rubber ring in the hexagonal surface to prevent loosening of the thread structure, used in strong power machinery, the internal thread of the nut is covered with a layer of non-metallic material, and the non-metallic material is damaged when the nut is installed. Fill the thread gap, increase the turning resistance, play a role of anti-loosening and locking.

All-metal locking hex nut din 980

All-metal locking hex nut, the full-threaded thread is deformed to play a locking role, and the non-circular narrowing deformation is performed on the nut body. During installation, the friction generated by the interference fit prevents the fastener from Turn loose.

Grade of din 934 hex nut

1. Grade 4.8 hex nut, use the raw material grade: A3 Q235, Q195 and other low carbon steels.

2. Level 5.8 hex nut,use the raw material grade: All materials above Q235 can be used without heat treatment.

3. 8.8 hex nut use the raw material grade: thread diameter below 16MM, 35# quenching and tempering heat treatment, 16mm above, 45# and low carbon alloy steel quenching and tempering treatment

4, 10.9 grade hex nut medium carbon alloy steel quenched and tempered heat treatment 35CRMO 40CR and so on.

Surface treatment of din 934 hex nut

Natural color nuts
Blackening nuts
Galvanizing: white zinc plating nuts, yellow zinc plating nuts
Hot dip galvanized nuts

What's size of din 934 hex nuts:

 m3 nut, m4 nut, m6 nut, m8 nut, m10 nut, m12 nut, m14 nut, m16 nut, m20 nut, m24 nut

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