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DIN 934 ISO 4032

DIN 934 ISO 4032 hexagon ful lnuts demensions and mechanical properties according to DIN 267-4 and ISO 898-2 , class 6, class 8, class 10. 

Hex nut DIN 934

DIN 934 is a size standard for nuts. It is the first standard in Germany. If you want to test whether the mechanical properties of the nut are qualified, you must consult the DIN 267-4 standard. 

It specifies the detection method and Detection data, in this standard, it includes six levels of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12. The proof loading of the nuts is constant, respectively 400MPa, 500MPa, 600MPa, 800MPa, 1000MPa, 1200MPa.

DIN 934 ISO 4032

Hex nut ISO4032

ISO 4032: However, with the advancement of science and the improvement of people’s awareness of quality, it is found that the provisions of this standard have brought great hidden dangers to quality and safety.

 Because people always hope that in the process of matching bolts and nuts, if there is a quality accident, they always want the bolt to fail first, so that you can observe and prevent the accident. If the nut fails, the accident is sudden, so the EU and ISO International organizations have been revised, and a new standard, the ISO 4032 standard, has been produced. 

The thickness of this standard has increased, so ISO898-2 was adopted as the testing standard. This mechanical performance standard stipulates that the proof loading capacity of the nut increases with the increase in specifications. For example, the level 8 nut gradually increases from 840MPa to 920MPa.

DIN 934 ISO 4032

DIN 934 ISO 4032 acc.DIN 267-4 and DIN ISO 898-2

It was originally intended to delete the previous regulations on the strength grade of coarse thread nuts from DIN 267-4 and replace it with DIN ISO 898-2. 

But because the latter standard not only has a higher guaranteed load, but the thickness has also changed, and it also takes into account that the advancement, and in a short time, can not abolish DIN 934 and the numerous existing technical documents and drawings, so DIN 267-4 still needs to be retained, but it must be distinguished from DIN ISO 898-2, so add two vertical lines, such as |8|, to the mark of the performance grade standard of nuts tested according to the DIN267-4 inspection standard to prevent confusion.

DIN 934 real class 8 and false class 8

We believe that DIN 934 does not correspond to the so-called “true” level 8 and “false” level 8, but it is just a different name for the standard.

 In the new standard, the size of the opposite side has not changed except for the changes of M10, M12, M14, and M22; however, the thickness of the nut has become thicker, so the DIN 934 size standard, EN 20898-2 mechanical properties It is unscientific to test nuts according to the standard, and it may not always be required. In summary, DIN 934 can only correspond to DIN 267-4; DIN EN ISO 4032 can only correspond to EN 20898-2.

According to the different standards, we have compiled the mechanical properties and dimensional standards in the two standards of DIN 934 |8| and ISO 4032 8 into a comparison table for everyone to learn more about the true meaning of DIN 934 |8| and ISO 4032 8.

iso 4032

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