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Which Fasteners Work Best?

Fastener is easy to get from Hardware store, big or small. lots of different types are available from there. 

If you look at the aisle full of bras in a homeware store, you will undoubtedly find that the variety of options is dizzying. Anchor bolts, eye bolts, machine screws, spring nuts, welding screws, and ordinary wood screws are just a few possibilities you must choose when looking at fasteners. Although it is impossible to review each of the different bras and their uses, here are some basics.

thread fastener

There is a basic starting point when it comes to bras: what kind of material do you want to combine? If these two objects are metal, then you need a bra with a machine line. This basically means that all threads of a metal fastener will be parallel to the head of the screw or bolt, no matter what.

Thread fasteners

Now, there are two kinds of metal thread or bolt thread: a coarse thread or fine thread. Coarse threaded fasteners will have a wider gap between each thread. And fine-threaded screws, well, they have a little or line gap between each thread. So which one should you use? Well, it depends on the nature of the attached object. If you are trying to separate objects with a lot of force, thin lines work best. The more threads the fastener has, the greater the force required to cut the threads. Otherwise, coarse-threaded fasteners should be good and usually cheaper.

steel hex nuts

Wood fasteners

Wood fasteners are those with roll opener threads. The wooden thread starts from the tip. In this way, the fastener will lock in the wood and better hold the items together. Any fasteners with corkscrew threads you see are designed for use with wood.

Self-tapping fastener

However, there is one exception: called self-tapping fasteners, some metal screws have mixed threads, which are a mixture of parallel threads and corkscrew threads. The corkscrew is not as obvious on the self-tapping screw, nor is it spread out like on the wood screw. In addition, most self-tapping metal fasteners are covered with a protective coating to help them resist corrosion and rust. Metal self-tapping screws can be seen everywhere in automobiles, which are mainly used to connect body panels.

wood screws

However, they also have other applications, so you can really find real clues about the use and function of the bra on your line. Despite this, hundreds or even thousands of different bras choose from on the market.

However, by understanding the differences between threads, you should be able to choose a bra that suits your needs for the job at hand.


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